A conductor’s approach to listening that changes the world around you


Most people define leadership in terms of decisive speech and direct action, but what if great listening could be even more powerful? In this compelling, interactive program with conductor James Blachly and an ensemble of musicians performing in person, you’ll experience listening from the unique perspective of a professional orchestral conductor, learning how it can activate change in your work, bring out the greatness in others, enable you to navigate crises, and expand your capacity to hear multiple points of view.

This 1 ½ – 2 hour program works well as part of a larger leadership development effort, or as a standalone conference session or meeting. People will come away with a new way to listen creatively to the outside world, to one another, and to themselves. Make a quantum leap in the quality of listening in your organization, and the conversation will never be the same. 

  • “Many times I felt as though you were speaking to my exact experience.” Alex Greene, RedBeard BodyWork  

  •  “James has a rare ability to articulate the infinite potential embedded within each moment and the methods we might pursue to open up that unboundedness.  I for one have felt inspired by his presence and work.”  Wes Luke, Violinist

  • “Conductor James Blachly is doing a rare thing: teaching audiences how to hold a true listening space… Combining the perspectives of his Zen training and orchestral conducting, James teaches you how to enter, awaken and sustain your presence in the living space musicians createThe effect is immediate and profound.”  Andrew Gibbons, MM, GCFP

This program will:

Expand broad listening skills with direct applications for leadership
Explore how leadership-listening can bring out the best in others
Provide a fresh and creative perspective on work within teams
Heighten awareness in complex and time-sensitive situations

Cultivate skills of clarity and strength despite input overload

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