Rite of Spring Dance Party

“James Blachly's Rite of Spring Dance Party was a truly incredible and unique experience. I have never felt more viscerally connected with the gritty, earthy side of music.”

"The Rite of Spring Dance Party incited a liberation of the orchestral musician just as Stravinksy freed the orchestral sound with the piece itself. Playing in the orchestra and feeling the frenetic energy of the audience surging and swirling with every color change allowed me to understand the revolution that is The Rite. I am so grateful to James for having experienced this music viscerally, unchained and unafraid."

"I have never experienced anything like the Rite of Spring Dance Party. The connection between the audience and the orchestra was indescribable. The audience was provided with the unique opportunity to express their feelings with the music physically, which drove the musicians to new heights in intensity and passion. Overall, it was a night for the history books that I am so glad to have been a part of."

"I have performed Rite many times, but this was the first time that I actually felt completely immersed in the emotions behind the music." 

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